Cell High Throughput Imaging : differences between mean/medin/stdev (or any other statistic) between the same feature over two different cell-lines/treatment
Andreas Hadjiprocopis, Institute of Cancer Research, London ('andreashad2' then the funny snail symbol then 'gmail.com')

A large number of cells belonging to a variety of cell lines, grown in a variety of media and under different treatment conditions and durations (see here for details) have been imaged using high-throuput microscopy.

Their individual morphological features extracted (e.g. area, area of cytoplasm, ruffliness, etc.).

Then we calculate the difference in mean/median/stdev for the same feature (area, area of cytoplasm, ruffliness, etc.) between two different cell-lines/treatment-condition. and the statistical significance of this.

Statistical significance is calculated using resampling statistics. One advantage is that we can use any statistic (mean/median/stdev) we need and not one for which a statistical significance test exists.

In the following plots, the "redder" the color of the box (and the larger the number it contains) indicate how large is the difference for the feature 'cell area' between any two cell-lines/treatments, found on the vertical and horizontal axes.

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